Video surveillance systems provide adequate security for many types of businesses but for retail stores, restaurants and grocery stores where cash registers or computer-based POS systems are used, video surveillance alone may not be enough. The reason for this is that cash register and POS devices introduce another element of possible theft or fraud that may not be easy to identify on a video recording.

Point of Sale Surveillance System, Register

Bronze Light LED Outdoor Securtiy Light

Sturdy weather resistant aluminum housing
Clear polycarbonate lens protects optics from moisture and dirt
Modular design allows for ease of maintenance
LED driver is mounted to the front casting
Surface or recessed mounted
Adjustable dusk-to-dawn photocell automatically turns off at dusk and on at
5-year limited warranty

LED - Light Emitting Diode: Highly efficient diodes produce little heat and have an extremely long lifespan

Intelligent QoS: Priority Given to Voice/Video for Seamless Access
Scalability: High Capacity and Scalability
Long Distance: Capable of High Speed 2 mil Links
Latency: Dramatically Reduced Noise

LED Security Floodlight

High-Performance Wireless Transmitter / Receiver

Type your paragdeal for corners, this unit provides a bright 2270 Lumens in a 270 degree, up 70 ft. detection range. An integral dusk to dawn sensor ensures lights only come on after dark. Made of die cast metal in a white finish.

Tool less head adjustment
Adjustable arm for aiming sensor
Long life LEDs with precision optics
Estimated life of 32-years based on 3-hours per day
2270 Lumens, 5000K, 70 CRIraph here.