11/10/2016 – Joe Coffman
It went very well. They made sure I understood how to use the hard drive and upload the pictures. I would recommend him, he is very knowledgeable..

​2/20/2017 – Randa Wadi

The service was great as well as the work. I always call this company for work that I need done at 
my business and home
Category: Alarms
Services Performed: Yes

3378 Lakeview Parkway
Rowlett, TX 75088

11/10/2016 – Amy Wazwaz 

Great. Our systems are top notch. Our cameras were able to solve a armed robbery in the Subway 
next door when their cameras were not working. The police have come to check our cameras several 
times for other crimes on our street because they are that clear! Having a good security system is essential to protecting your business and your employees!! We will use him again for our next store! He was very helpful when I switched from Windows to MAC, which was new to him at the time for the installation that I wanted. He helped problem solve and get it figured the way I wanted it. During installation, something fell on my printer and cracked the screen. I wasn't there at the time as the store was not yet open. He went out and bought a new printer, (even one model newer) and had it there by the morning before I even knew about the accident. He cleaned up every time and was completely respectable. I never found him hard to get ahold of. And was very good about working with my schedule. We have had problems With the Internet and he has come back out when we changed Internet providers and got static IP to reset the configuration. When I have had questions I have been able to call him and he walks me thru it. He can also do things remotely with your system if needed. All and all I would definetly reccomend him to anyone needing new system or even upgrades to your current system. With the app for my phone I can even zoom in quite a lot to see close up of counters, transactions, customers etc. We have used the playback feature quite a few times when we have had a suspicion of theft. The ability to see playback where ever I am helps a lot.

Category: Alarms
105 Woodhaven Ct.
Red Oak, TX 75154

​​​Dave Perkowski
Feb 16 
We hope you are doing well. Wanted to let you know we are very happy with our camera systems. Everything is working great!
We'd like to talk to you about adding another camera.PTZ camera out front 
Let me know when you have some time to visit and discuss.

Dave Perkowski
General Manager
All Axis Machining

Dave Perkowski

Our back three video cameras caught an individual robbing the company behind us at 10:00 last Sunday!!!
Dave Perkowski
General Manager
All Axis Machining

Barbara Simpson
We​ HIGHLY recommend  HD Security Cameras  for your home or Business.  We have used HD Security Cameras for all of our Security Cameras for the past five years, and they have always met or exceeded our expectations.
Not only do they have below competitive rates - but are quick and efficient as well. We had tried several companies prior to using HD Security Cameras  and only wish we had used them  first! 
You will be VERY satisfied, as we are - The Company is Excellent.   Feel free to contact us via text /call at 214-564-9490